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Torrent Droid: The coolest Android app ever!

Torrent Droid: The coolest Android app ever!

I just saw Torrent Droid, the Android app that allows you to scan a barcode from your Android phone and initiate a bit torrent download on your computer at home. It’s not currently available anywhere, but that doesn’t stop it from being the coolest Android app ever. Of course, this should not be used for downloading proprietary stuff… just all the free stuff that has barcodes. Seriously, though, I see a totally new delivery vehicle for (even legitimate) digital products. Forget the bit torrent part for a sec. You scan a movie, an album, or a software package in a store, and the product makes it home before you do. What if it gave you a 25-50% discount over the lowest store price? I would probably do it just to bypass all the useless packaging. (This could be done with 2D barcodes on billboards as well.) Of course, some of you are probably thinking, ‘What’s wrong with a 100% discount?’ We won’t go there…

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