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New Media and Learning Symposium: WoW!

New Media and Learning Symposium: WoW!

Augmented Reality in the Classroom - NML Presentation by Craig Knapp

Augmented Reality in the Classroom – NML Presentation by Craig Kapp

I go to a lot of conferences. And I have given a number of presentations in the past few years — almost 30 of them (I think that’s a lot for a grad student). Today Craig Kapp’s presentation called “Augmented Reality in Learning” absolutely blew me away. I have never seen (well, virtually seen) a session with so much energy!

This year’s NMC Symposium on New Media and Learning was help entirely in a private instance of Second Life, a virtual world called “Hakone.” It was great to present TwHistory with Marion Jensen, alongside new media greats like Constance Steinkuehler, Brett Bixler, and Craig Kapp. A big thank you to Larry, Alan, and all the organizers! I have posted photos of the conference as well. For me, this experience shattered any notion that a virtual conference is somehow less engaging or interesting. Au contraire!

Back to Craig Kapp. In all his spare time as a full-time doctoral student at NYU (I can relate), Craig is working on ZooBurst, an AR storytelling tool that lets anyone create their own 3D pop-up book. He invited those who are interested to take part in the public beta. (I had signed up before his talk was over.)

Here are some of the video clips Craig shared during his presentation. Highly recommended for those interested in augmented reality (AR):

AR Example
AR Book
Zoo Burst

2 thoughts on “New Media and Learning Symposium: WoW!

  1. Alan Levine

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the positive write-up on the symposium experience. You are right in that Craig really hit it out of the virtual park, and I am pretty critical of a lot of presentations.

    And while we are at it, thanks to you and Marion for talking about TwHistory- that too was a session that had a lot of our audience buzzing (and they stayed after), and I liked they way you both spent a good chunk of the time in conversation. I knew some about TwHistory before but now hearing about it in detail, I have to really congratulate you both on an elegant idea- I really love the ones that re great execution fo a simple, but powerful idea.

    Thanks again for stepping into a new world to present for us.

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