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Effect International: Building Schools, Reshaping Luck

Effect International: Building Schools, Reshaping Luck

I usually blog about open education and instructional technology, but I want to share a great campaign to help build schools and create sustainable educational programs in developing nations. The organization is called Effect International.
Effect International has built a school in Bihar, India and is looking to build additional schools plus expand to Nepal.
The Goal: To empower the community to maintain their own education systems.
Effect International uses 100% of public donations directly on projects. They support their operational costs through private donors and board members.
We can build a school for 25K for 250 children.
We can put one child through school for a year for $25.
The Reshaper Campaign. 
We’ve keyed the motto, “Reshape Luck” therefore we felt it was appropriate to call our annual donors “Reshapers” A reshaper is a person that donates $7 a month. In one year this person will put three children through school. More information is available on their website:

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  1. whitney dastrup

    This is really great, it is amazing that such a large difference can be made with such little money!

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